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Dream job

What’s your dream job?

Photography is my dream job , Photography is the art and Nature is the artist of my art and many types of photography present in the world but I am searching the beauty of the nature , Some times i do creative type of photography because creative photography captures time more enjoy of the moment. When i capture the moment that time passes but the memories will remain. “Efforts” , “Hard work” and “Try to best” this three things improving myself in photography.


Published by plgraphy

I am a photographer but not wild life photographer photography is my passion. "I am a NATURE LOVER" . I capture the beauty of nature and want to share this with everyone...

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  1. Photography used to be my dream job. I loved it so much and then when I couldn’t shoot… I branched out into other things and my dreams have shifted and changed. I still love photography but I love painting too, and even more than that… I love my garden. I love growing flowers for other people. I enjoy bringing them something to make their day better. I love providing food to the bees and watching birds I haven’t seen before make homes in the forest because of my flower field. I enjoy learning about nature so much and sharing that joy with anyone willing to listen 🥰💐

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