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29 Card Games

This is the first hand of 29 card games with pair (king &Queen) and Jacks, lots of red love, what a first hand for me . This hand i bid 25 to opposition team and i win this match. Next hand 4 card not that much interesting but this red love 9 no card i got it and it gives me a win win position.

Time Travel

Boat view


Whole universe (nature , Human being) all things are travel with Time. Time is very important everyone’s life. THE Sunset and sunrise beauty always beautiful, the sunrise define how to start the day with gorgeous morning and sunset define the beauty of the day with happy ending. The sunset time is always happy moment because this time everyone coming home from work. Everyday work, nature beauty,everything can be change but time is unstoppable , Time is travelling day by day.

A Night with full Moon in the sky

A full moon is very gorgeous elements for the nature .In this image the moon seen like a flower bud and the tree like a stem of the flower , in my phone lens capture this kind of creative picture in the mid night where whole universe is sleep and peaceful and sometimes the wind comes and makes the surrounding environment is more pleasant.

#A moribund tree with moonshine