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Lantana camara

One day i traveled river side ending of the day .During afternoon sunset time the sweet light of the sun spread over the sky , suddenly i looked this flower what a beauty of sun and flower .some flowers bloom to make nature beautiful today and some flower bloom to paint nature with tomorrow’s morning sun.

A Sunshine Day

The morning sun  is very charming for both our mind &health. Also the afternoon sun is more effective for eyes and mood so as the morning sun. A river side cool wind relief  whole day work stress. During the sunset time  all kind of people go back home same as the sun go back to other country and becomes a new day .Time is like the river water that never comes back & follows it’s own way.


The river looks very beautiful in winter season because many tourist comes to the river side for picnic , traveling,looking the nature’s beauty. In winter season  people explore nature mainly tourist places. The river side  has many boats standing  along the land side , many peoples cross the river from one  side to other side using this boats.  During sunset the sun light  falls over the water & the  water wave disperses this  sunlight in a very pretty way. The birds  fly over the head and their chirping sound and the sunset indicates that the evening is coming.

Papilio demodocus, christmas butterfly

Our subconscious mind likes birds and butterflies. Our inner being also like to fly like the butterfly but cannot due to different unavoidable circumstances. Every species on earth are in search of food for feeding them and their young ones. The butterfly fulfill its demand of food with the help of nectar from the flower which is portrait in the picture.

Variation is present in every species. Human have different varieties like tall, medium and short in height and black,fair,brown in skin colour , similarly here is one variety of butterfly is portrait but their are thousand of different kind of butterflies.

Justicia flower

This flower Indian common name:-

red/orange Vasaka

Scientific name:- Justicia spicigera

Family:- Acanthaceae


Justicia spicigera plant is a shurb that grows in Mexico,Central America and some areas of theIndia.It is cultivated in gardens and long fields,and in many forests this plant grows up.

Plant Description :-

The Justicia spicigera plant is a densely branched shrub of about 1 to 1.5 m in height. Its veiny leaves are longer than its width.The flowers are grouped at the end of the junction of the stem and leaf. The orange or red small flowers are rod shape.

USE in the Traditional medicine:-

From primitive times,Humans have used seeds,roots,leaf,stems flowers and fruits of plants for feeding and healing disorders due to their effectiveness, avilability ,and low cost.Its parts are used the remedy for fever,pulmonary tuberculosis,intestinal parasites, cough, deafness.All of these disorders were alleviated using various parts of plants treated in different ways.